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Captain Courageous Foundation Research Workshop

On Aug 7th 2013 we hosted out first strategic workshop at Mount Lofty House. Facilitated by Simon Starr from DNA3 who kindly donated his services not only for the workshop but for the pre work up as well. We were lucky enough that one of our board members, Rachel Atkins, was able to attend along with Jeff, Bill and myself. Please read Ra’s comments below on the workshop and what she believes Captain Courageous can do.

“It’s not often that I am lucky enough to sit in a room all day surrounded by professors, researchers and scientists. Yes, I did say lucky. This is because I was attending the Captain Courageous Foundation Research Workshop. Jess and Jeff Bond had rallied together an impressive line up of Australia’s leading professionals in the field of Bone Marrow Failure to collaborate.

This is unique in several ways. It’s very rare in Australia and around the world for that matter for researches to get together in one place and share ideas. The nature of their business (sadly) leans them to protect their intellectual property, patents, and findings. In this instance 12 inspiring researchers, Ribosomal Professors, Sarcoma researchers, Clinicians…people with serious clout, the best of the best, sat around a table and talked. They shared their research, methods, goals, results and ambitions in a truly collaborative environment with the main aim to make a difference.

This coming together of minds will hopefully be formalised – this is even rarer – to create a national singular research project into Bone Marrow Failure diseases including DBA from which Angus Bond suffers. The workshop group and facilitator Simon Starr have strategically put together a working model for research which includes, aims, objectives, strategies, time frames and funding requirements to guarantee an acceleration of the research which in turn may find a cure for these diseases.

The primary goal of the research is to produce either a drug treatment for these patients to give them better treatment options or pottentially a cure. More importantly these would be drugs that could also treat blood cancers at a very early stage.

So I now know that diseases such as DBA come about when a gene mutates it causes a stress response from the cell which causes the symptoms that patients feel. But what I know best, is that there is a good chance that the Captain Courageous Foundation can truly make a difference because it is the rare diseases that can sometimes hold all the answers.” Rachel Atkins

Thank you to Ra, Simon and our team of Researchers for a fantastic day and planned research future.