Captain Courageous The North Face 100 Captain Courageous The North Face 100Captain Courageous The North Face 100
Captain Courageous The North Face 100

The North Face 100

In May 2014 Ash Lane successfully completed The North Face 100 event. To date he has raised a phenomenal $6200.00 for the Foundation which is incredible.

Below is a few brief comments and facts about the event written by Ash.

"- I started at 6:51am last Saturday.
- I finished just before midnight in a time of 16 hours 58 minutes
- happy to say I was still running at the end (albeit quite slowly).
- There were around 1000 starters in the 100km event.
- I officially finished in 384th.
- Approximately 25% of the starters pulled out during the event.
- The course was absolutely brutal, refusing to provide
more than about 5-10km of relatively easy flat sections
(might have been more, but that's what it felt like anyway).
The course included about 4.5km of vertical climb,
including an 700m climb in the last 10km. A 200m climb
was also saved for the very last km of the event,
which included almost 1000 steps - cruel.
The last 6.5 hours were run in the dark with a head lamp.
My body coped surprisingly well with the only casualty
being blistered little toes, which have almost recovered.
I thoroughly enjoyed the event (although there were a
few low points), but will not do it again - once is enough."

What an inspiring effort Ash. We cannot thank you enough
for supporting us and to all those people who donated - thank you.
Thank you Ash. Truly a phenomenal achievement. Well done.